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Class Trips and School Involvement

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of accompanying my six-year-old on her class trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. I was excited to go – not to see the animals – but to spend time with her before her Kindergarten year comes to a close.

It’s important to be an involved parent as your child progresses through the elementary school years. I want to be there for my kids when they experience life’s ups and downs, wins and defeats.

As we walked through the zoo yesterday, I took pictures of my daughter and her friends and few shots of the animals.

If you can take time off from work, go on the class trips. You will get a chance to get to know the other parents better, and see your child interacting with his or her classmates. Capture the moments on camera – when your child is older, he or she can look back through the photos and remember their experience at the time.

Are you part of your child’s school advisory committee or board? Support and involvement with the school is important, but the timing should be right.

Evaluate what you can take on by asking yourself some questions:

  • Can I allot the amount of time needed for this volunteer role? If you have kids in difference schools, it might make more sense to wait until the kids are at the same grade school and there is less shuttling around.
  • Will my job allow me flexibility to take on this role? If you are under pressure to find a job or new clients, you may want to hold off on a volunteer role and wait until your work situation is more secure.
  • What is your spouse or partner’s schedule like? If he or she is working late every night or travels long distance frequently, now may not be a good time to take on a new volunteer role.
  • Do you have family in the area who can babysit or an adequate support system? If you have immediate family in the area who can help with drop-offs, pick-ups or after school care, count your blessings.

If you find yourself taking on too many school responsibilities, you will end up feeling exhausted and stressed. It’s better to hold off on volunteering your time than to join a board or committee and then have to back out from lack of time or stress.

Enjoy class trips with your child or children – time is fleeting and you’ll want your kids to remember you as being involved.



Reesa Lewandowski

My oldest will be entering K next Fall. I know the time is coming for me to return to work and I really do not want to b/c of the fact that I want to be THERE for my kids for things like this!


I agree that involvement is all about the timing.

Life with Kaishon

I am glad you were able to go with your daughter. The Zoo is always a fun field trip! I love our zoo in Philly!


My mom used to always chaperone on the class trips and I loved it. Can’t wait to do the same for my children 🙂

Barb @ A Life in Balance

I’m a huge fan of volunteering at my children’s school. Even though I’m spending a lot of time being a Girl Scout leader this year, I still come in once or twice a month do lunch duty for an hour. Next year, when my youngest is in Kindergarten, I’ll be helping a bit more since they need a lot of parental help with the events.

Carrie MkgLemonade

Volunteering at a school at any level is great– if you can’t take off for field trips, teachers may need help cutting out pieces for learning games or after-school coaching or as you mentioned advisory boards. School libraries are a great place to help out as well. Life is so busy, but when kids see their parents volunteering at school I believe it sends such an important message!

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